#SciFiPrompt: DNA

With thanks to @[email protected] for hosting.
“We got that DNA file you sent us and we’ve run one through the printer; it’s come out looking a little janky.”
“What do you mean ‘janky’, Bob? I know you coders are fucking left-field, but that could mean anything – I just need to know what the fuck is wrong and will it stop us from printing living shit.”
“You’ll have to tell me, dude. Like… it’s not normal. It looks like a mouse, it moves like a mouse – but it ain’t quite a mouse. Dunno if you’re gonna be able to flog these to labs.”
“What – and, let me be perfectly clear, I need specifics here – makes it ‘not quite a mouse’?”
“Well, for a start, it’s got four fucking eyes, Frank.”

#SciFiPrompt: DNA by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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