#SciFiPrompt: Data

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Ł4. That’s all they wanted for it. Seemed a great deal, at the time; all that information for less than a couple of month’s pay. I figured I could pick up a job or two on the side to make up the difference. I figured that, surely, it would be worth four or five times that in a few years time. Shit, the duplication value alone was more than a handful of Lite.
So, obviously, I took a punt. Checked the provenance, threw down the Ł and pulled down the tar. Decrypted it using the password the agent had given me, the files falling, like bright raindrops one by one, into the folder I set up for them.
That’s when I noticed something wasn’t fucking right.
The filenames were… odd. I was expecting the usual fare – “AiAdrian21030519.dna”, you know – but these were appended with .edna. I opened one in a visualiser and it couldn’t read it, its error message violently screaming at the screen.
Even more confusing was when I tried opening it in a text editor instead, to be confronted by a config line which called for a visualiser which could read a ‘triple helix’.
What the fuck had I been sold?
Blue lights flashed from the peaks of obsidian SUVs, casting the shadows of the slats of my bedroom blinds across the grey wall, mere minutes later.

#SciFiPrompt: Data by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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