#SciFiPrompt 56: Aquatic

With thanks to @[email protected] for hosting.
“Let’s just get the ferry.”
“No, that costs a fortune. We’ll just take the kayaks.”
“That’ll take ages and we’ll be knackered by the time we get there.”
“We can stop off at the services, though, get a tea and some honeywafers.”
“Still, it’ll be at least four hours of hard rowing before we get to the services; the ferry will have us all the way to the city centre in two.”
“Babe, we don’t have the money for the ferry. Have you seen what they’ve put the prices up to? ‘Unprecedented inflation’ they’re calling it on the news, a ‘cost of living crisis’.”
“I know, I saw it myself. Something about the Warming, and the cost of energy going up again.”
“That’s what I’m saying, the ferries have doubled in price.”
“Yeah, but… can we at least take the solar packs and use the electric drivers? We can rope the kayaks together then, it’ll be half the work.”
“Fine. But you’ll have to take fewer bags.”
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#SciFiPrompt 56: Aquatic by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0