#SciFiPrompt 55: Creature

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Vapour emerged from the egg as it opened, a hatch, now cleared of its protective atmosphere, presenting the occupant to the assembled crowd. It was a small thing, a mere speck; it looked at us with inquisitive, flitting eyes, its lips opening slightly as it took us in.
“Hello – welcome to Qera. I’m the Mayor of this town and my name is Lhmo. Who are you?”
It looked at the Mayor as if he had spoken in Tpon.
The assorted voices of the crowd began to pipe up.
“It doesn’t look a lot like our kind, Mayor…”
“Where did it come from?”
“It’s very small…”
“Why is it so pale? Is it cold?”
“Is it food?”
It broke the melee with a sound, shrill and clear; it’s eyes twinkled in the midday sun as its lips curled into what we thought looked like a smile.
We leaned in; my hand, unconsciously, drifted forward above the egg. The creature, in response, held up a tiny, chestnut hand and grasped at my amber thumb.
“I think… I think it’s a child.”
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#SciFiPrompt 55: Creature by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0