#SciFiPrompt 54: Space Junk

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Excitedly, she shouts, “Gurrl, look at this!”
“What it?” His sleepy eyes are rubbed, a yawn clears cobwebs.
“Found it floating in the wreckage of that ol’ star cruiser – must’ve been exploded in the Wars.”
“What it, though?” His eyebrow rises. “You didn’t fetch me outta dreams for nothin’, right?”
“As if I dare! Look, here – it’s a…”
Simultaneously: “…BAR O’ GOLD!”
“How much could it be worth?” Her breathless anticipation is palpable as the daydream of early retirement arrives, warm and welcoming like a well-tended hearth.
“Nishpatang, fam; ‘member they found that metal asteroid, loads of gold, copper, nickel – platinum too. All the metals we rinsed Terra for, they errywhere out here.” He waves his arm vaguely at the viewpanels.
“Woulda been worth a fortune back then though, right?” The echo of disappointment wobbles in her chords, as his friendly hand rests delicately on her shoulder.
“Yeah, like – that mighta been part of The Unity’s treasury, but they long gone. Hey, at least you found something cool from the old days.”
“Might just keep it anyway, looks like we rich up there on the shelf.” The bar of gold is placed above the navigation computer – still, more delicately than its apparent value would suggest.
“Now, you find some painite out there, we talkin’. That stuff – one payday forever.”
The dream, almost diminished, is stoked and rages like wildfire once more.
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#SciFiPrompt 54: Space Junk by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0