#SciFiPrompt 52: Microscopic

With thanks to @[email protected] for hosting.
It’s an old tale: xe meets they; a first kiss; the fireworks. Impact on society? Microscopic.
When one considers the extent to which the work xe does benefits the planet (stratus engineering isn’t a small trick, but has effectively saved all of us from suffocating or burning), what point is there for my silly little words, the biography of our biology?
Nobody else can tell the story of the Macdee’s Menu Mixup or the Night of the Nanocomp Nonsense or the Case of the ChatBot Confusion. That one time xe came home late from work and jumped into the decarbonator without realising xe’d left xir clothes on. The night I’d focused on helping to relax xem, which had ultimately required three rounds of cacao pudding and an hour of classic video games. The virtual wedding and xir parents, confined to a clean-zone retirement home, to protect them from the pathogens, weeping as the digital registrar pronounced us married.
Little, microscopic truths; two lifetimes of joy.
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#SciFiPrompt 52: Microscopic by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0