#SciFiPrompt 50: Fungus

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“Remind me when we lost contact with them, specifically.”
“June 24th. They were fine on 23rd, then just stopped replying. Took Central a week just to get a ping back from their servers; looks like someone just woke up and decided it was time to communicate one last time.”
“Do we have a transcript of that ping?”
“It was just a bunch of numbers, boss.”
“I want to take a look anyway.”
“Your dollar, your time.”
She passed the dataslice over to her. A few minutes passed; she played with her fingernails as she waited for her boss to finish scrutinising the sample.
Then, suddenly: “Look, here.”
She leaned into the screen, seeing immediately what was being pointed at. “Is that… code?”
“It is; an app, hidden in the stream, almost as if it was wrapped on purpose.”
“Want me to compile it?”
“Yes, then run the code and show me what they wanted us to see.”
The conversation ended as the gentle clicking of keys being tapped took priority. Shortly after, the screens flickered and changed.
“Looks like it activates the food printers – hold on, there’s a DNA signature embedded into the program; it’s already sent it to the stem cell converters.”
“The food printers? Why would they be sending us a recipe?”
“Not a recipe – just looks like some novel species of mushroom, from the preview image. Should almost be done, so the printers will have ejected by the time we get down there to check them.”
“Yeah, a fungus.”
“Don’t they release spores?”

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#SciFiPrompt 50: Fungus by Dav Kelly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0