#SciFiPrompt 46: Ice Mining

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“Sit down, please – siéntate, por favor.”
She pulled the metal chair from beneath the glossy table and, as instructed, placed herself upon it. She glanced around the room, her gaze flitting from the cameras in the corners opposite her to the mirrored wall to her right (of course, she wasn’t naive enough to believe it was anything other than two-way), to the door on her left through which she’d been led. Her eyes settled on the officer opposite her, handsome and commanding in his suit. She reached for the glass of water in front of her and, slowly, took a sip. It helped.
“Sir, please, when can I get a change of clothes?” She motioned vaguely at the ragged, muddy sweater and the torn jeans she was wearing.
“We will get you something clean to wear once you’ve been processed.”
“Thank God. I’m sure these things could still be radioactive.”
“Don’t panic, please; you were screened on your way into the building, there was no radiation detected – or you wouldn’t be sitting with me now.”
The stress left her face; her eyes were – for a moment – peaceful.
“Now, Señora Fisher, please consider this a simple information gathering exercise, if you will. Tell me: why in the world would you be trying to cross the Río Bravo? You know just as much as every other Calitexan that it’s illegal to use that route to enter the Latin Federation.”
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